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This magazine is brought to you by a team of wellness lovers, committed to improving people’s health. Founder Thomas J. Tice reached out to his friends that shared his interest in wellness, to create a digital magazine and encourage others to start eating properly.

We all have different budgets, genetics, and lifestyles pushing us to have an unbalanced diet, but we want to show the world that nothing is an excuse to avoid eating healthy. Additionally, we see it as a personal purpose to motivate huge amounts of readers to engage themselves actively in a wellness-focused lifestyle.

Café Grévin par Europea’s Goals

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When we met to debate the goals that we had for the magazine, we realized that most of us were thinking along the same lines.

We all want to provide an informative platform to enable all wellness lovers to help each other, thus ensuring their own goals of losing weight and living healthy can be achieved. Additionally, the Café Grévin par Europea’s team agree that we needed to be very specific about our dietary recommendations.

Regardless of budgets, lifestyle demands, or any other circumstances, we want to make one particular issue crystal clear for every reader. We are dedicated to raising awareness regarding the negative impact that chemical foods have on health and the environment.

We are interested in promoting organic foods and free-range products that are healthier than processed foods. We tell you about the issues together with the solutions that everybody can implement in their lives. Everything we do and write about is ultimately aimed at enriching and growing the wellness community. Supporting each other, feeding each other, and sharing our struggles and successes.